“Reaching out to Catherine Feirer, Katie, for help with managing social media and email campaigns for our company, Zot Artz, has been one of our smartest moves.

Katie has been our social media specialist for the past year. In that time, she has been instrumental in helping us grow our business. She began by pointing out to us that our website was not mobile friendly, something we had failed to notice and would not have considered without Katie’s contribution. We recently moved to a new email service and relied on Katie’s expertise and knowledge to guide our decision. Whenever something is new to Katie, we can count on her to jump in, educate herself, and provide us with the benefit of her knowledge. Since Katie came onboard, we have had some stunning success with FaceBook postings for ZotArtz. After her most recent posting’s extraordinary reach, we received two solid leads for art events next year from organizations we had never heard of and another from a past customer with renewed interest.

If you are considering a social media specialist for your business, look no further than Catherine Feirer. You will not be disappointed.” —Marianne Gibeau Szot, Zot Artz, zotartz.com

“Catherine has been helping my business and me with our Social Marketing for about 14 months. She has done a great job with research and posting things I request and has grown our followers from under 20 to over 200 people.  Catherine has also been great about researching new things and has done a fabulous job with updating my outdated web page which was new for her.  We are now venturing into online sales which I know with Catherine’s guidance it will be a success.   Catherine has a professional attitude and works extremely hard on any project she takes on for me.   I highly recommend her!!” —Michelle VanCamp, Tropical Treasures

“Katie did a wonderful job updating our website! She made it mobile-friendly quickly and efficiently. Katie answered all of our calls and emails promptly. We will definitely be using her for all future projects. I would highly recommend Katie for all of your social media and website needs.”—Sally Hilt, Manager, Michigan Comprehensive Fertility Center

“Katie managed the social media streams for my department and created great content.  I never worried about our platforms because I knew they were in good hands.  Katie was quick to respond to questions and increased our social media presence by providing great suggestions from the analytics we received.  I highly recommend her for anyone wanting to improve their social media and marketing strategies.” —Jody Strank, Assistant Director/ Marketing and Facility Operations, Michigan State University