Welcome to Burlap & Mason Consulting, LLC. Burlap & Mason Consulting, LLC is a digital marketing company that focuses on social media marketing for businesses big and small. 

Is your business actively using social media as a marketing tool?  This process involves more than just posting on social media platforms.  You need to build relationships with your prospective customers and current customers. This will create loyal clients who will, in turn, rave about your products and services.

A social media strategist or manager can assess what you are doing now, how to best reach your target market, where and when they spend time on social media and what types of posts they engage with frequently.  Using social media you have the potential to reach your target audience through organic and paid advertising.

Look at the number of active users on each of the major social media platforms below. We offer many services that will benefit your business whether it’s big or small.

All data from Statista.